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Alt 22.02.2004, 21:22   #1
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Very bad news in direct from master of speed in France ( Ste Marie de la mer ) this morning.
Marianne TERTIAN's truck has been robbed with all her windsurfing quiver and has been recovered after empty.

If your are in the south of France or everywhere, open wide your eyes if you see suspect people who try to sell you this boards, sails and equipment:

* 2 AHD GT 58 et 62
* 2 AHD Maxx ride 60 et 64
* bic formula 1.5, tribal, techno 2
* Starboard Diva 156
* Tabou Mad Cow blue
* 8 MauiMagic brand-new wetsuits for men and women and Mystic harness
* 3 Naish speed sail prototype ( like's Finian Maynard and Robby Naish) 5m 4.7m 4.2m
* Serial gaastra and naish sail with number F308, F30, F824 ou F82
* 1 Bic speed board prototype shaped by Marco Copello
* 20 Select fins (formula, speed, wave)

If you see one of this, contact the webmaster of www.windsurfilles.com and give all the details, and don't frighten and alert the robber or receiver.

Thank you for your help and your watching.

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Alt 22.02.2004, 22:09   #2
Nosedive only
Dabei seit: 09/2003
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hm zweifelsohne ne sauerei, aber ich bezweifle dass viele aus France diesen post lesen werden.
dennoch viel glück bei der suche.

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